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  • 22 Oct 2011
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Christmas - Snowman Kisses Printable

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Christmas - Snowman Kisses Printable

Snowman Kisses

Stuck for a stocking filler for a child? These little bags of Snowman Kisses are ideal! Put some white mini marshmallows or mints into a cello bag (I use 9cm wide bags which fit these toppers perfectly), then cut out a fold top and staple it over the top. I attach ribbon to tie on a tag, and use 3D pads to stick on a snowman embellishment (these are 1.5 inches and can be cut using a punch for ease), and you have a perfect little gift.

This sheet makes four bag toppers.

4 x bag toppers with Snowman Kisses poem

4 x snowman embellishments

4 x Snowman Kisses tags

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