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  • Plc
  • Pauline Coulson
  • hull
  • yorkshire
  • 22 Jun 2011
  • plc


plc 15 plc 14 plc 13 plc 12 plc 11 plc 10 plc 9 plx 8 plc 7 plc 6 plc 5 plc4 plc3 plc 2 plc 1 plc16 plc 13 plc 11 plc 7 angep plc pixi girl plc blossom plc my garden plc angel globe plc pixy frame plc my cat plc murmade plc girl in window plc pixy plc doggy plc peaches plc birds plc autumn girl plc carole plc pink rose plc ice girl plc plc (2) blossom plc hearts plc my garden plc angel globe plc my cat plc murmade plc girl in window plc doggy plc peaches plc birds plc pink rose plc murmade plc my cat plc rain . plc pixy plc plc16 bunny land with a carrot plc bunny mummy plc easter bunny plc bunny land plc love bear plc bunnies with heart in the clouds plc swan frame plc flower frame plc blach plc woodland fairy  plcs smiling face plc 0plc flowers wagon plc happy easter 2 plc little gumdrop plc lovely fairy plc haliquin girl plc shabby plc haliquin plc lady rose plc rose plc black and white plc love flowers plc floral plc wedding plc happy easter 1 plc hunny bear plc blue lady plc lady ann plc lotus . .fishing around tha world gold celabrate wave  .. rose   . blue bird a flower blue fairy blue lagoon camolot christmas rose dream floral 2 floral spray stacker 1 .plc 0plc fairy in blue forest flower frame plc love bear plc carole plc pink rose plc princess plc
jan 1st 2015
buttterfly plc country cottage dog rose plc fairy wood plc for you plc green plc green vinsert plc insert 1plc lilac plc rose for a rose plc rose plc take flight plc  ... teddy plc verse card  plc verse card plc celebrate cool garden plc country cottage 2 country cottage complete card plc.. daisy.. dance 2 plc in love plc love plc shy plc special dayplc swing plc b globe plc blue lady in globe plc globe r plc gold lady plc fairy houses plc ANGEL CARD plc rose red plc decoupage and backing paper plc  2 decoupage and backing paper plc candy plc ballet plc toppers plc red dress plcx .holly whishing on a whirlwind plc birds plc fairy stacker plc swan plc greetings plc bonny angels plc flw.plc flw 4pacys flw 3 plc flw 1 plc vintage. lilly.. pansie. butterfly mcs petunia colour my fairy plc moon fairy plc blue butterfly plc contesser  plc flower fairie,s plc love plc book card plc dandilion fairy my unicorn plc moon fairy plc blue butterfly plc sea plc window .swannplc love hearts lady latice plc flower dance plc flower fairy plc Ppink ballet plc flower fairy plc Ppink ballet plc water flower plc water plc blue sprinkler plc country kitching plc floral decoupage sheet plc china doll plc cute cats plc page 1 cute cats plc page 2 dogs plc p 2 dogs plc page 1 Page 0punkish plc pansy dec plc white flora cute cats plc page 1 cute cats plc page 2 dogs plc p 2 dogs plc page 1 6 mini cards cats mini box and boarder cats 6 mini cards dogs dogi mini box 6 mini cards dogs dogi mini box garden  page 1 garden page 2 garden page 3 with 5 tags 6 mini cards floral 6 mini cards tea mini box tea and boarder 6 mini cards floral mini box floral jade plc jenifa plc swan roses plc teatime plc pink sqare card plc we love post plc blue sqare card plc book of love plc flower book plc1 letter plc scrapbook page plc scroll plc ships plc roses plc letter plc roses plc scrapbook page plc scroll plc ships plc 2 card fronts plc all ye faithful plc away in a manger plc silent night plc blue peach plc card plc jade plc lady bronz plc love card plc pink plc birds plc blue scroll plc butterfly plc.. candles plc cute japan plc flower scroll plc note plc specail plc birds plc blossom plc bok and verse insert plc cake plc car plc card front plc card with verse insert plc floating flowers plc kids plc m bike plc pussy cat plc red rose plc sheet plc special day plc ttea plc violets plc meet  bendy Wendy  plc meet  bendy Wendy  plc pumkin plc wendy dress up plc bendy wendy ,,plc spotty shoe. lady of flowers plc shoe xxx spotty shoe.png b walk this way spotted plc shoe fair plc
all mixed cards
happy birthday  plc2 lovely day plc2 passion flower plc2 envelope plc.. flower babes plc babes in the woods plc checks plc ted. .zoe rabbit  ted. babybun wab. singing ted plc bunny babe plc loveble ted plc ady,s plc pink rose plc yellow roses plc stage coach plc wedding day plc sunflower plc flower card plc .flower girl plc pure plc card fronts pplc because .love plc painter plc best friends plc white lady2 little painter plc lady in white plc .best wishes plc still atr plc half moon plc cup of t insert t cup of t insert t the rose plc the rose insert plc
striped frame CU4CU turquise frame cu4cu gunmetal frame CU4CU gold frame CU4CU copper frame CU4CU silver frame bronze plc leather look plc diamond plc blue box plc fairy box plc green plc rose box plc fancy box plc

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Design background:

hi everyone

i got into card craft after retiring on ill health

i have always done creative work fashion design teaching

i fashion desighn flower arraging,soft furnishing,when i became ill i could not carry on with my hobbies thats when i started using a computer,and here i amm.hoping to make many crafty friends

thankyou to everyone who visits my design,s

Where do you get your inspiration from:

c/craft cd,s  my craft studio  c,ds

i get inspired from everywhere and everyone


Are you involved in any other crafty projects or organisations:


What Inspires You:

has to be stephanie nancy dianne mcs is greate and so are they


If I had 3 wishes:


world peace

everyone had food to eat warmth, and a happy life

to be well again

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