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  • Plc
  • Pauline Coulson
  • hull
  • yorkshire
  • 22 Jun 2011
  • plc


striped frame CU4CU turquise frame cu4cu gunmetal frame CU4CU gold frame CU4CU copper frame CU4CU silver frame bronze plc leather look plc diamond plc blue box plc fairy box plc green plc rose box plc fancy box plc
bee,s scooter plc blue plc magic plc.. my dog plc owl plc pancy  plc randb plc .amarilas  plc the best plc toys plc 2 backing papers plc 2 heads  plc bum plc doilie  mplc doilie  plc floral plc garden plc glass floral plc green fairy plc kitt plc raindeer plc best pals plc kittens at play plc me and kitty plc rocking clown plc spotty plc tweet plc baby goofi plc minni   plcc baby minni plc baby goofy  box plc sea fairy plc ted plc butterfly light plc butterfly moon plc daisy..plc lady pink plc ribbon and bows plc star plc lilac hearts plc lilac roses plc little mices plc sisters plc sweet rose plc with love plc.. for the men plc ticket to ride plc femail indian plc for the men plc glamour plc imagine plc indian orange plc indian plc lady of the lake plc lake side plc moonbeem plc ticket to ride plc vintage plc wizard plc femail indian plc for the men plc indian.. ticket to ride plc barb plc batb plc env box plc peals plc .light plc b and w plc brown eyes plc tiday bobbs plc litle micky plc little mickie with minnie plc party  plcc piicnic plc relax plc snoopy plc snooze plc background paper plc butterfly plc... bwbackground framed plc framed plc bwback butterfly plc... background paper plc spiral blues plc wings plc zentangle plc celebrate. plc flower bear plc pink plc love bears plc flower bear plc celebrate with the simsons plc beside the sea plc heart of flowers plc silver lady plc sweet dreams plc my life plc scroll plc winter wishes plc ldy in blue plc mickey and miney christmas plc music plc... my unicor plc swans plc baby goofi plc baby goofy bag plc baby minni plc bambi box plc friends pplc sledging plc snowballs plc best pals plc bird song plc .buckett  oops  bouquet   plc butterfly plc.. wishes  card and verse insert plc lady with a flower plc floral 1 plc lady with a flower plc wishes plc bless plc snowy plc bless plc deer ..plc snow men plc xmas plc he loves plc she loves plc light plc christmas plc candle light plc noel plc over the edge angel plc.jpg . over the edge plc over the edge angel plc elf plc bells plc scate on plc bird plc fairy dust red nose,s plc sonw family plc bless plc snowy plc over the edge santa plc christmas tree plc wishes plc butterfly plc.. sledging plc snowballs plc friends pplc best pals plc winter wishes plc my life plc scroll plc heart of flowers plc beside the sea plc sweet dreams plc silver lady plc ball gown plc fun in the snow plc shoe plc floral christmmas plc dance plc.. sun flower plc bev plc birds plc cindas plc light fairy plc chimney plc winter wedding plc diamond tree plc fun in the snow plc
november 2013
window plc 2 for tea plc rose angel plc lavenda angel plc wedding swan plc bonny Jean plc blue elephant plc fun in the sky plc let is snow plc skying plc .music plc mige plc little nattaly plc bonny Jean plc bless plc feathers.plc feathers.plc marge plc marge plc stars plc white dove plc yellow flower plc its christmas plc flower fairy plc happy christmas plc happy christmas plc flora plc snow white and  plc cindie plc sparkles plc post plc... horse shoe  plc .. bird plc bag and tags plc  5 bag and tags  4 plc bag and tags 3 plc bag and tags plc bag and tag  plc sweet music plc faces plc tea party plc home plc owls in love plc anna plc murmaids plc angel whispers plc green plc santer plc 2 card fronts plc.. . oh! deer plc christmas plc how does your garden grow plc 2 cards plc tinker plc message plc 202 plc 2 of 2 plc page 1 plc half moon plc 404 plc 303 plc 505 plc .fairy flutter plc wings plc bird song plc elf plc wolf plc xmas bear plc snow dog plc lucy p2   plc lucy p1  plc story teller p2  plc story teller  p1  plc lucy p1  plc lucy p2   plc choco plc bella plc sue plc iris plc babe plc bird angel plc babe plc birds plc deer deer plc she,s a lady plc dolphin plc cuti .plc friends plc stacker card plc wolf stacker plc fairyland staacker plc iris 2nd plc
december 2013
.A4 sheet music m .a4 card  cats never forgett A4 card cats never hats .special day .A4 card .A4 card  blue rose pearls happy easter .angel bear Easter Easter mess .easter child hello with 2 tags gold fairy face paint with love moto .with Love special day .over the edge card .blue .fantacy unicorn congratulations congratulations .lovely in white .lady in white roses just for you .love of the irish happy easter sunflowers wabbits green emarald unicorn and fairy pure in white doily rose happy easter blue ted easter card .pink easter ted floral stacker cardd shaped card flower fairy 1Glow Farries twinkling fairies flower bugs ready for the ball .happy easter teal ballet blue bunny poor bunny,swings away flower wheel Happy easter wabbits rap oround easter eggs .easter greetings catch the eggs happy easter will you be mine fathers day baby girl verse  plc baby girl plc baby boy verse    plc baby boy  plc rose 4 rose plc lipstick plc handbag and shoes plc heart shape card plc
special .occasions

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Design background:

hi everyone

i got into card craft after retiring on ill health

i have always done creative work fashion design teaching

i fashion desighn flower arraging,soft furnishing,when i became ill i could not carry on with my hobbies thats when i started using a computer,and here i amm.hoping to make many crafty friends

thankyou to everyone who visits my design,s

Where do you get your inspiration from:

c/craft cd,s  my craft studio  c,ds

i get inspired from everywhere and everyone


Are you involved in any other crafty projects or organisations:


What Inspires You:

has to be stephanie nancy dianne mcs is greate and so are they


If I had 3 wishes:


world peace

everyone had food to eat warmth, and a happy life

to be well again

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