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  • Plc
  • Pauline Coulson
  • hull
  • yorkshire
  • 22 Jun 2011
  • plc


easter j easter g plc easter bag plc easter h plc easter c plc easter. easter 4 plc easer 3  2014 easter 2 2014 easter 1 plc 2014 easter plc eas plc love  . plc.
easter 2014
card .book of flowers .black frame 1 deco black frame A4 sheet decopage with love .Just for you .lady in blue bubbles .because your special dancing oueen gods love book of flowers globel lady pink love fairies because you are so special because i love you because we love you just because i can green tealight red tealight white tealight red roses dance the night away flowers forever blues .lilac pendant . verse card cuti kits seashaw for the love of roses love letters blue floral arch soo spacial .swan harbour .swan harbour blue lagoon .swan .wishes for you .book of words for the love ladybird ladybird swan candle singing kon,s lanterns flattery greenacre green girls black swan locket card framed framed staircase toonbaby wings rainbow trees clover in love up up and away icelady out of the picture tropical moods rose garler From me to you sea world green lady .Best of friends blue frame ballet Hats and Co bubble murmaid Swanlady Pink Boudoir unicorn fantasy picture this my new dress fan lady in pearl globe fairy white unicorn fairy behind the mask framed beauty chocolate ice queen white ballerina .swan candle framed lady pearl roses just to say thankyou silent moments bubbles rolling starr in the red .yellow diamond winter wonderland heart dove, with love butterfly heaven blue butterfly tranquil 2 tranquil mirror ballet white fairy .roses ballerina green fairy pink princess flower garden swan candle peapod fairies rose ballet verse card amber fairy humming bird .posy of flowers frame lady best wishes flower lady pritty in pink lilacs mardi nightnight princess2 angel dust beauty2 animal lady cleo flower ldy peachy2 2 of a kind cindy dreamwitch p dreamy .star fairy stairway to dreams white ballet dolly ballgown hello butterfly time blue rays dolphins lunies stepping out roses allison pink deco bird call frame set 2 flower frames best of friends the lady with the hat come for lunch school days floral stacker cardd glowing roses lady out of frame congratulations blue bird words snowman insert ballett frame flower tree flower verse Image1  addelle moon lady 5x blue delite pinker              peach witch hazel           x 2 flower frames          x hippo  stacker        x star dust dream                x top hat and tails white ballet        x just for you                     x blue winter             x dolly mix              x blue bubbles flowerfly                      x beauty           x pixi life   x lady fair x pink butterfly floral  x blue angelx bird music white fly green b green b bird cage goldy llii blue swirl winterx girl in 2 frames zoe me and my shadow bella   . mellany       green bottle   WOW   sunny   light up the dark       dark lady      WOW   c sunny   c pinks  wonders blue fairy blue fairy   deerest dreams pearl    hi sailer blue perfume         . moon glow       yummy        flight of the butterfly         lovely lilac        maria without bubbles        bobby           murmaid heaven         card with verse          autumn leaves                farm maid           autum    craft rabbit marina maria             Fiery Fairy Layer 2 blue sea   butterflyb.png      asta autumn fairy           peach             zoe ....angel camaflage              party girl         lilacs                mushy love  get a room      star    fred hal             black        c wings of time          pamela     . snow fairy         belle      geraldean luna fairy       . sqare and circle          framleess ruby      gold lady         c me oow.jpg      it,s a dog,s life         hats r go            c hats r go            two card fronts butterfly globe          christmas globe   nicole        autumn leaves autumn leaves magic world. ladygrey. diamonds blk wht lynn          golden         hearts           lilac       blue blue        pink floral        rose fairy         reds or blacks         star stacker         wendy       big ted          angels        . Belinda lady blue lady blue          sunshine       flower toppers 2 flower toppers face          twinset         elegance       over the edge card     gloria               the 20,s              anyone for golf              twitt taa            twiter            pritty             halloween            humpty dumty           verse card           pinky            secret garden             secrets        . hearts            flower rain       winter ballett          flower frame       welcome       pl c 3 flower frames  plc carler plc our house plc forest fair   plc blue ocean  plc flower seat  plc flowers for the lady  plc slowcoach  plc monica        plc fav shoes        plc violet     plc cupcat plc dark  lady plc lorette  plc size 5 plc ruby  plc marander  plc blue ballett  plc blue ballett  plc bronze  plc gold pendants  complete card plc floral elegance floral elegance.  plc horse ride.jpg  plc twiight.jpg plc christmas tree plc sofy  plc complete card pinklet  plc  complete card wings   plc  complete card goldy  plc  complete card gillian   plc lilac plc black swan  plc bows and arrows   plc wich cave   plc amy  plc flower lady plc me and ted      plc stars plc love       plc celabrate       plc ice man          plc silvia       plc Carmen plc blue fairy    plc silvia       plc the ballett   plc Indi         plc blueberry    plc ship ohoy    plc nina    plc blueberry    plc scarecrow lady         plc frogs    plc my ted     plc sun flower fairy     plc white ted plc lady red    plc blue ted  plc lady red    plc blue ted  plc gold leaf   plc autumn days plc so special  plc with lovw plc with love plc .with love plc lilacs plc desgn sheet       plc maira plc flame      plc anjie plc snow land plc wondland complete crd pik rose .wild roses blue fish bowl .blue flowerd bellinda    plc crocus  plc be happy plc butterfly  plc rose plc poppy plc pink flower frame plc flower girl plc with love plc violets plc together plc .card front celabrate plc complete card plc card front  tags  plc rose buds plc welcome to my house plc hide and seek  plc all good friends card front decoupage or use as t card front plc card front bookmark or topper 4 tags complete card or card front and backing paper cuttie  plc card front decoupage pink rose plc Beautifull checks plc little blue dancer plc
. just because
.A4 sheet music m .a4 card  cats never forgett A4 card cats never hats .special day .A4 card .A4 card  blue rose pearls happy easter .angel bear Easter Easter mess .easter child hello with 2 tags gold fairy face paint with love moto .with Love special day .over the edge card .blue .fantacy unicorn congratulations congratulations .lovely in white .lady in white roses just for you .love of the irish happy easter sunflowers wabbits green emarald unicorn and fairy pure in white doily rose happy easter blue ted easter card .pink easter ted floral stacker cardd shaped card flower fairy 1Glow Farries twinkling fairies flower bugs ready for the ball .happy easter teal ballet blue bunny poor bunny,swings away flower wheel Happy easter wabbits rap oround easter eggs .easter greetings catch the eggs happy easter will you be mine fathers day baby girl verse  plc baby girl plc baby boy verse    plc baby boy  plc rose 4 rose plc lipstick plc handbag and shoes plc heart shape card plc
special .occasions
.lemonds yellow and green  CU4CU blue and pink papers CU4CU make a list backing papers CU4CU  backing papers CU4CU blue  lilac      CU4CU   . money trays    CU4CU     frameCU4CU frame CU4CU maze CU4CU seasun       CU4CU sun  CU4CU       waterway       CU4CU ice     CU4CU     ivy  CU4CU leaves background         .CU4CU red blue b paper          CU4CU blue embossed b paper a4 A4 backing paper CU4CU skrews    CU4CU b paper  c b paaper         c b paper c Page 0b paper       c b paper  c b paper          c background7d rings       . steel            c Page papery Page 0papery2 paper4 eyes  CU4CU paper3b paper  CU4CU paper CU4CU background  CU4CU                  c opink            CU4CU beigh CU4CU background autumn plc orange background plc backing pape backing paper backing paper backing paper backing paper backing paper backing paper backing paper backing apaper backing paper backing  paper 2 .backing paper backing  paper 1 backing paper  lilac backing paper12 backing paper blue backing paper 10 backing paper99 backing paper8 backing paper 7 backing paper6 backing apaper5 backing paper4 backing  paper 2 .backing paper2 backing  paper 1 .backing paper plc .backing paper plc. .backing paper plc .backing paper plc .backing paper plc .backing paper plc .backing paper plc .backing paper plc .backing paper plc florel      plc background paper plc 3pm  plc .red jewel plc jewel  plc .blue flower  plc Art-A-Night-on-Broadwaybb Art-A-Night-on-Broadwayb Art-Afternoon-b Art-A-Day-in-Septemberb Ariana-in-Wonderlandb Angel-on-the-Moon-wpwbxxb mmmmmhuyt 77BLANKVALPINKSwhr2 blue lagoon _mothers_day_2b .bp .backing paper plc .backing paper .-A-Day-inautumn .-Wonderlandb blue angel .backing paper pink heart blue lagoon plc .pink feathers .backing paper .backing paper .backing paper .backing paper .backing paper .backing paper .backing paper .PINKS .PINKS blue lagoon .backing paper b paper 8 plcn b paper  plc r b paper 8 plc b peper plc b paper 6 plc b paper 5 plc paper 4 plc b paper plc 3 b paper 3 plc b paper 2 plc red b paper plc backgrounds  pack plc .backing paper .backing paper .backing paper plc .background .backing paper .backing paper .backing paper .backing paper .backing paper plc .backing paper .backing paper .backing paper .backing paper background plc  1 oval5 ovalpl 4 bapaper 4 oval pl3 oval3 bpaper3 oval pl1 oval 1 b paper1 Bar010f eastertile8c eastertile8p eastertile8r eastertile8u eastertile17k eastertile14h fine design magdalena 2 - Copyax fine design magdalena 2 - Copya fine design magdalena 2a b paper0 .backing paper .backing paper skylight flower dotty plc backgrounds plc 2backgrounds plc 2 background papers plc .background paper .background paper .background paper .background paper background .background paper background paper  8plc background paper 11 plc background paper 1plc background paper 3plc background paper 7plc background paper 9plc background paper g plc background paper gg background paper s plc background paper6 plc background weave 4plc background paper 22 plc weave background paper plc2 weave background paper plc2 flame plc madalian plc bg9plc s bg1plc cu4cu . plc  cu4cu bg8plc bg7plc bg6plc cu4cu bg5plcb bg5plc  cu4cu bg4 plc bg 4 plc bg 3plc

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Design background:

hi everyone

i got into card craft after retiring on ill health

i have always done creative work fashion design teaching

i fashion desighn flower arraging,soft furnishing,when i became ill i could not carry on with my hobbies thats when i started using a computer,and here i amm.hoping to make many crafty friends

thankyou to everyone who visits my design,s

Where do you get your inspiration from:

c/craft cd,s  my craft studio  c,ds

i get inspired from everywhere and everyone


Are you involved in any other crafty projects or organisations:


What Inspires You:

has to be stephanie nancy dianne mcs is greate and so are they


If I had 3 wishes:


world peace

everyone had food to eat warmth, and a happy life

to be well again

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