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  • Craftrabbit
  • Craft Rabbit
  • Wabbit
  • UK
  • 28 Aug 2010
  • craftrabbit


Aida Archway Steps Archway to Heaven Ballerina Fucsia Cross Stitch Blossom Fairy Snowglobe Blue Lacey Butterfly Bright Gradient Bright Gradient Flourish Bright Pastel Flourish Bubble Fairy Burnt Sunset Water Butterfly Cross Stitch Butterfly Moon Colourful Bubble Close Up Colourful Butterfly Coral Pink Floral Crimson Cross Stitch Cyan Hydranger Cross Stitch Daffodil Cross Stitch Dancing Silhouette Dark Aida Decorative Forget Me Not Cross Stitch Deep Mauve Cross Stitch Deep Mauve Orchid Cross Stitch Deep Pink Cross Stitch Doves in Flight Dragonflies Dragonfly Beads Dreamcatcher Feathers Dreamcatcher Horizons Dreamcatcher Lime Dreamcatcher Sky Dreamcatcher Sparkle Dreamcatcher Sundial Faded Sunflower Cross Stitch Fairy & Frog Prince Floral Bunch Cross Stitch Forget Me Not Cross Stitch Fuscia Dreamcatcher Gerbera Cross Stitch Gradient Floral Grapefruit Pink Foliage Heart Gradient Heavenly Dove Heavenly Rose Sky Lilac Heart Midnight Dreamcatcher Moonlight Butterflies Moonshine Grey Flourish Mystic Purple Tree Mystical Colosseum Neon Neon Flourish Ochre Rose Cross Stitch Pale Pink Lily Cross Stitch Pansy Cross Stitch Pastel Rainbow Pastel Silhouette Pastel Star Pastel Stripes Silhouette Pastel Yellow Calla Lily Peach Gradient Peach Gradient Silhouette Pink Bunch Cross Stitch Pink Cyclamen Cross Stitch Pink Fade Sky Pink Flowers Gradient Pink Gradient Pink Gradient Flourish Pink Lily Cross Stitch Poppy Cross Stich Purple Daisy Cross Stitch Rainbow Pastel Gradient Rainbow Pastel Leaf Red and Yellow Red Gerbera Cross Stitch Rose Cross Stitch Rose Pink Texture Scalloped Edge Scalloped Splash Silhouette Butterflies Splash Splattered Pink Blurred Splattered Pink Gradient Starry Arch Sunflower Cross Stitch Sunset Dreamcatcher Sunset Gradient Silhouette Textured Ochre Textured Square Unicorn Vermillion Peacock Butterfly Cross Stitch Vibrant Fuschia Cross Stitch Vibrant Pink Lily Cross Stitch Yellow and Pink Daffodil Cross Stitch
Background General
Bubble Heart Kitty Love Young Love Autumnal Heart Elegant Wishes Scroll Heart
Design Sheets Engagement
Pastel Suit
Design Sheets Celebration New Job
Gardening Plants Vintage Car
Design Sheets Retirement

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Design background:
I'm a rabbit and I eat carrots. One day I was sat eating carrots and someone asked me if I had any good ideas for a website. Since my hobby was craft I came up with CraftRabbit..
Where do you get your inspiration from:
I like all the designs that Stephanie does but yes many other designers inspire me.
Are you involved in any other crafty projects or organisations:
Just my wabbit website at the moment.
What Inspires You:
My favourite designer is Stephanie and myself of course. CraftyGals also do some lovely designs here on the site, along with Craft a Dream, MeldelCrafts and ofc Nancy.
If I had 3 wishes:

1. The perfect Crafting community.

2. Good Health.

3. Lots of crafting designs for Xmas :)

More about me:
I'm a rabbit... honestly!
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