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  • 28 Aug 2010
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Birthday Floral Cake Cupcake Silhouette Doll Paper Verse Pink Cupcake Tiered Cake Watering Can Birthday Wishes Black Cupcake Cocktail Lady Fairy Wish Mannequin Pink Corset Strawberry Cake Little Miracles Element Sheet 1 Little Miracles Element Sheet 2
Design Sheets Birthday Ladies
Blue Wedding Rings Red & Gold Hearts Wedding
Backgrounds Civil Partnership
Bride & Groom Contemporary Cream Floral Wedding Contemporary Wedding Dress Cute Bride & Groom Golden Wedding Rings Grey Doves Wedding Lilac Rose Wedding Pink & Gold Wedding Rings Pink hearts and rings Pink Lace Wedding Pink Roses Striped Wedding Pink Wedding Cake Rose Head Wedding Vintage Rose Wedding White Rose Head Wedding
Backgrounds Wedding
Baby Booties Baby Pram New Baby Puppy Puppy Envelope Spinning Top Baby Stork Delivery
Design Sheets New Baby

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Design background:
I'm a rabbit and I eat carrots. One day I was sat eating carrots and someone asked me if I had any good ideas for a website. Since my hobby was craft I came up with CraftRabbit..
Where do you get your inspiration from:
I like all the designs that Stephanie does but yes many other designers inspire me.
Are you involved in any other crafty projects or organisations:
Just my wabbit website at the moment.
What Inspires You:
My favourite designer is Stephanie and myself of course. CraftyGals also do some lovely designs here on the site, along with Craft a Dream, MeldelCrafts and ofc Nancy.
If I had 3 wishes:

1. The perfect Crafting community.

2. Good Health.

3. Lots of crafting designs for Xmas :)

More about me:
I'm a rabbit... honestly!
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Winter Birthday Element Sheet 2
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